Sullivan Kenneth Kandulu, Country Director

We asked Sullivan to describe himself and his colleagues at PLAY SOCCER Malawi:

Sullivan When I heard about Play Soccer and what it does, I was intrigued by its programs, especially the Health component. I have run sports (soccer and basketball) and afterschool programs both in Malawi and the United States of America. In both areas we tried to produce good athletes and students and we never focused on the health component. The question is or was “How can we produce good athletes and students without teaching them about health?” They can train and learn well, but if they don’t know how to keep their bodies healthy then we cannot achieve our goals. So I became interested in PLAY SOCCER Malawi because of the health component and for me it was the key to producing good athletes and students. I love their three program components that are Social, Health and Soccer and when the opportunity came I never hesitated but took it. PLAY SOCCER Malawi will give me a bigger platform to reach out to a lot of kids throughout Malawi. I love working with kids and PLAY SOCCER has given me that opportunity to interact and model the kids.

Silas Liwindo, Program Manager

Kelsey Moore

Silas has been with the program for a number of years now, a very dedicated and passionate young man. He is the face of PLAY SOCCER in his community and has done a lot of development in the area. He raised money to build bores in the area and one at the school. He is a very influential member of the community and PLAY SOCCER Malawi. He has helped a number of PLAY SOCCER athletes to get scholarships and to play for top under 20 teams in Blantyre. I just love his energy, zeal, dedication and passion for the kids in Ndirande. He is making a great impact in the lives of kids both in Ndirande and the surrounding areas.

Fanuel Nkhono, Board Chair

Fanuel Nkhono is well known in Malawi through his contribution to soccer and his involvement with charitable organizations. He was recently appointed as the Board Chairman of PLAY SOCCER Malawi and he took over from another influential person, Walter Nyamilandu Manda. Soccer is what connected him to PLAY SOCCER Malawi and with his involvement with Lions Clubs and other charitable organizations it will help PLAY SOCCER Malawi to grow and raise money. A very busy man but with a heart to help others in need.


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