Acha Acha Samuel, Executive Director

Originally from Cameroon, Samuel served as the Program Director of PLAY SOCCER Cameroon, before immigrating to the USA about seven years ago. Once in the USA, Samuel added to his Cameroon postgraduate degrees in anthropology with an advanced degree and professional license as a nurse practitioner. His Cameroon roots, firsthand knowledge and experience with the PSNI core program and his commitment and new professional and educational skills in public health make Samuel an ideal addition to the PSNI Board. Samuel is guiding the re-establishment of the PLAY SOCCER Cameroon program even as the current unrest in Cameroon presents unprecedented challenges.

He describes operations at Batibo in Cameroon:

Batibo where Play Soccer Cameroon operates is a subdivision in Cameroon, Africa located along the Trans-African Highway, some 26 miles of Bamenda and about 100 miles east of Nigeria. Batibo is the socioeconomic, cultural and political heartbeat of the Moghamo speaking people formerly referred to as “Aghwi”. It has an estimated population of about 21,000 inhabitants with two seasons (rainy and dry season).

The Batibo culture portrays a plethora of rhythmic, music, traditional outfits, artwork, folklore and traditional rites. Batibo and its many catchment areas is the palmwine capital of the world where sweet wine locally called “Fitchuk” is a staple. Crops and animals mostly grown or reared in this area include, cassava, corn, beans, kolanuts, tomatoes, chickens, goats, cattle, vegetables, guavas, sugar cane, monkey kola, pears, peanuts etc.

Worth mentioning is the fact that for the past 12 months there has been ongoing civil unrest and uprising tensions between the English speaking regions and the French speaking parts of Cameroon with the English speaking part consisting of the North west and Southwest withdrawing their children from schools to stay at home and twice weekly ghost towns to protest against marginalization tendencies from French speaking Cameroons.

This ongoing strike action has caused a general stalemate in the educational, social, health, judiciary, economic and political structure of the English speaking parts and this is where Play Soccer Cameroon operates. There has been huge applause from the community as through Play Soccer Cameroon’s activities, it has been able to still hold twice weekly sessions and it continues to enrich children in these localities with our core program and other organizational operations.


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