PSNI is celebrating 20 years of development through sport this year! A new website to highlight the USA program, the TRENTON YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUE (TYSL) in Trenton, New Jersey, is in preparation and will be online this spring. Once it is online, this website will either be merged into the new site or updated to remain on its own.

  • For the future, PSNI is exploring how/if it can help small grassroot organizations that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals grow their own capacity through the sharing of nonfinancial online resources and information for program and social enterprise development, perhaps in collaboration with other organizations.

    PSNI is not a funding organization and does not provide financial resources to any program other than the TYSL. PSNI only shares nonfinancial resources and information with its Network organizations. The Network organizations that PSNI helped establish remain active in Ghana, Malawi, Cameroon and South Africa as independent, self-sufficient organizations. They have a common bond, mission and commitment to development through sport, and continue to share non-financial resources/information through the PSNI Network. Play Soccer Senegal and Zambia are now closed.

    For general information about PSNI, please continue to use psni@playsoccer-nonprofit.org
    Judy McPherson, Executive Director

  • Please contact Network organizations directly for country specific information.

    PLAY SOCCER Ghana and the FIFA football for Hope Center, Cape Coast, Ghana Franklin Asuo, Country Director playsoccerghana@yahoo.com

    PLAY SOCCER Malawi and the PS Malawi Street League , Patrick Kulemeka, Country Director playsoccermalawi@yahoo.com

    PLAY FOR FUN, LEARN FOR LIFE South Africa and Rise Above Capital Dan Themba Chauque, President and Country Director riseabovecapital@gmail.com

    PLAY SOCCER Cameroon Acha Samuel, Country Director, playsoccercameroun@yahoo.com


  • READ PLAY SOCCER'S CURRENT NEWSLETTER for the most recent news about PSNI and the PLAY SOCCER Network accomplishments.
  • PSNI Trenton has been awarded a $15,000 grant from the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the national model for sports-based youth development programs in underserved communities. This grant was awarded as part of the Foundation’s Safe Places to Play program. PSNI was one of eight organizations to receive a U.S. Soccer Foundation grant. The grant will fund lighting at the playing field at the Donnelly Homes Trenton Housing Authority in Trenton, New Jersey. PSNI has been offering free summer soccer programs for girls and boys at Donnelly Homes since 2015. Trenton Housing Authority officials welcomed the lighting project and the additional soccer activities that will take place at Donnelly Homes. Trinity Health, one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health systems in the nation, provided the required match funding for this grant through St. Francis Medical Center and the Trenton Health Team (THT) as part of the Transforming Communities Initiative (TCI). Through TCI, St. Francis Medical Center and THT aim to positively impact public health outcomes in Trenton and create health and wellbeing in the community through policy, systems, and environmental change. Read the full press release here.
  • Trenton NJ: TARGET has awarded PSNI a $1000 grant as part of its national $8 million local soccer grant program. The grant will help PSNI provide professional development for its program coaches in its Trenton program and also provides for the purchase of field equipment and gear. Judy McPherson, Executive Director of PSNI, said “This TARGET award is an important boost for the Trenton program. It will help strengthen the coaching skills, interaction and impact of PSNI coaches as they work with the children and youth in our soccer programs. We want to provide opportunities for more children and youth to enjoy the sport of soccer, engage in healthy exercise and learn skills that support their development on and off the field. We hope to engage our local TARGET store to help build recreational soccer in Trenton!” Read the full press release here.
  • USA program awarded a $24,000 grant under the Trenton Health Team as part of the Trinity Health Foundation "Transforming Communities Initiative". Trenton is one of six USA cities funded in this initiative with the purpose of improving policy, system, and environment change strategies as key drivers to improve a community's health. A community health and well-being strategy aims to improve the health of the entire population in Trenton by addressing the community based social determinants of health.


  • MALAWI TROPHY: Patrick Kulemeka, PLAY SOCCER Malawi Program Director, was awarded the International Olympic Committee 2011 trophy for Sport and Social Responsibility on June 25 at Thyolo Stadium on the Olympic Day celebration. Patrick's name was nominated by the Malawi Olympic committee because of his commitment to promote the IOC objectives, and his outstanding contribution to development through sport through his work with children and youth.

  • PLAY SOCCER AWARDED TROPHY AT GLOBAL SPORTS FORUM BARCELONA: On March 9, 2010, PLAY SOCCER Non Profit International (PSNI) was awarded the 2010 Trophy for "Sport and Education" at the second Global Sports Forum in Barcelona. The Trophy for Sport and Education honored PLAY SOCCER's 10-year old "Play for Fun, Learn for Life" program as "the sports initiative that has best promoted the values of citizenship education, training and vocational integration through sport."
    READ MORE: Press Release
  • PLAY SOCCER AWARDED "SPORTS NGO FOR PEACE OF THE YEAR": PLAY SOCCER Non Profit International was awarded the prestigious "Sports NGO for Peace of the Year" at the 3rd Annual Peace and Sport International Forum in Monaco, in the presence of H.S.H Prince Albert II and more than 400 decision-makers from 85 nations, representing sport, politics, business and civil society
    READ MORE: Press Release
  • PLAY SOCCER SHORTLISTED FOR 2009 UNICEF CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AWARD: The PLAY SOCCER Network was one of four finalists for the 2009 UNICEF Children’s Rights Award. The award was granted by Beyond Sport, a new global initiative to unite and promote the world’s most innovative projects for change. PLAY SOCCER benefited from participation at the July 7-9 Beyond Sport Summit in London, an opportunity to network with media, corporations, organizations, and individuals who support our achievements.
  • US DEPARTMENT OF STATE AWARDS GRANT TO OHIO UNIVERSITY & PLAY SOCCER PARTNERSHIP: The US Department of State has awarded a three-year grant of $225,000 to support a partnership between Ohio University and PLAY SOCCER that furthers cultural interaction and education through sport in underserved areas in the US, Senegal, Ghana and South Africa. The grant, issued by the Sports United Office, will fund a holistic training program for youth sport coaches that teaches the crucial link between sport and health. The PLAY SOCCER- Ohio University partnership kicks off in December at PLAY SOCCER South Africa, where a Ohio U’s expert coaches will deliver clinics, training and field sessions. PLAY SOCCER’s country programs in Ghana and Senegal will benefit from visits in 2010 and 2011. In exchange, during summer 2010 and 2011, PLAY SOCCER youth coaches from South Africa, Ghana, and Senegal will travel to the US to participate in Ohio University’s “Kids On Campus,” an enrichment program for children in the surrounding Appalachian communities.

    READ MORE: Press Release


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