On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 a tornado hit the community of Tembisa in South Africa, damaging the local hospital and destroying many homes. The Reagile Primary School, where the Play for Fun, Learn for Life program operates, was also severely damaged.

Earlier this year, with donated seeds, the Play for Fun, Learn for Life program began developing a school garden and nutrition program in collaboration with the Reagile school.

Your contributions will be used to support the program and its school garden as well as other social service activities that may be identified in which Play for Fun, Learn for Life youth instructors participate to help rebuild the Tembisa community. PSNI will be overseeing the program planning and will report on developments and the use of the donated funds.

Create a grassroots fundraising event for PLAY SOCCER

Organize a soccer tournament or event and collect donations to benefit the children and youth in our program. PLAY SOCCER can provide you with a DVD, brochures and photos.

Participate in the Global Peace Games for
Children and Youth

Help children and youth in your community learn about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and explore how you can work together to achieve them.

You can make your
contribution in many ways:

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You will receive a receipt for all contributions. In the United States, contributions are tax deductible because PLAY SOCCER has status as a 501 (c) (3) charitable tax- exempt organization with the US Treasury Internal Revenue Service. Our tax returns are public record and our US tax identification number is 22-3710482.