PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International (PSNI) is the umbrella that manages our country Network. PSNI was founded in New Jersey in 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization with tax-exempt status under the US International Revenue Service Code. The PLAY SOCCER Network currently involves seven country organizations.

Headquartered in the USA, PLAY SOCCER NONPROFIT INTERNATIONAL represents the Network internationally and is recognized by the United Nations with Consultative Status under the UN Roster of Nongovernmental Organizations. PSNI is also a part of FIFA's "Football for Hope" initiative to "make the world a better place."




[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER Cameroon (PSC) has developed a partnership with United Action for Children (UAC) to implement the Play for Fun, Learn for Life program in Cameroon's southwest province where UAC has recently opened a new Football for Hope Centre. PSNI is working closely with UAC Executive Director Orock Thomas to establish a framework for continued collaboration and development of the PSC program to expand opportunities for children and youth.

In late September, in collaboration with UAC, Play Soccer Cameroon opened two new program sites in Buea and Mamfe. In preparation, a Cameroon Training Workshop was conducted on site in July for 10 volunteer instructors by the Ghana Program Director who traveled to Cameroon for this purpose. Following the training, Program Managers were appointed at each location: Emmanuel Besong at Mamfe, where he is also the FFH Centre Manager, and Martha Ettaway at Buea. The PS Cameroon program kicked off with a contribution of 200 balls from One World Futbol. The next website update will provide information on registered children and the program activities.

PSC's activities in northwest province, in the Bamenda area, are on hold until the extension and development of the UAC-PSC collaboration and management plan for that area.



[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER Ghana (PSG) is operating in full swing under Program Director Wahab Musah for approximately 1000 children at 9 sites throughout Ghana , including its main office and facility in Cape Coast, the Oguaa Football for Hope Center. The other core program sites are in Ashaiman Jericho, Asiakwa, Bunso, Pakyi, Poase, Tema Tuutingli, Tamale. At the FFH Center Cape Coast site, the program includes the Community Learning Center activities which provide computer training and a reading club/literacy program at the library, as well as the adjunct Street League program for older youth which teaches life skills and assists with vocational training and guidance counseling. The Centre leads many community events and activities and the nearby University of Cape Coast provides a valuable partnership resource through its Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

In January 2014, PSG hosted the PSNI international basic training and certification workshop that included Ghana staff and volunteers as well as, the Program Directors from Malawi and South Africa along with invited NGO representatives, such as the Ovie Brune Foundation in Nigeria. A followup workshop for Ghana volunteer instructors was held in September for site managers from the various regions and sites to assess program challenges and to gather suggestions for solutions that will be shared with other country programs. The workshop also provided first aid training by a collaborative organization, Intervention Ghana for the site managers. First aid kits were provided for each site at the same time.



[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER Malawi (PSM) is currently operating one site in Blantyre in the Ndirande community for 400 registered children and 22 volunteer instructors. Play for Fun, Learn for Life continues to have a strong relationship with the Football Association of Malawi as its sport for development arm. A new Program Director, with significant experience in educational enrichment activities was appointed in January 2014 and is making plans for expansion of the program in Blantyre, into new communities, and for expanded linkages within schools. A recent contribution of a container of One World Futbol balls that will be shared with schools has added impetus to this plan.


[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER Senegal is inactive, pending the recruitment of a new volunteer Board of Directors to provide program oversight.


South Africa

[October 2014] Play for Fun, Learn for Life is the new South Africa organization recognized by PSNI to deliver the core Play for Fun, Learn for Life program. The program currently has 500 registered children, and 18 volunteer instructors at two sites, Tembisa and Rondebult. The new Program Director, Themba Dan Chauke, is a proud product of the program itself, starting as a child and rising through various volunteer positions to his present post. The Norton Rose Fulbright international law firm and Thomson Reuters Foundation/Trust Law have provided invaluable assistance in establishing the new organization. The new Board of Directors has drafted a 5 year plan that proposes to strongly expand and build the program. Important links with the Reagile Primary school, municipal government and other agencies are providing new opportunities for the program participants and volunteers, and balls from One World Futbol are an important recent contribution. The organization also has a partnership with the USA organization, America Scores Boston, bringing an enrichment activity and cultural exchange to both organizations through poetry written by the children in each country


[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER Zambia is active at 4 sites for approximately 900 children under the management of two veteran volunteer instructors, Moses Munsaka and David Sichula, who as co-managers have been providing program direction to volunteers at Chazanga, Chipata, Kamanga and Kalingalinga . PSNI is working with them to rebuild the framework of the Zambia organizational framework with a formal governance and management structure to insure accountability following the inactivity of the previous Board of Directors.


[October 2014] PLAY SOCCER USA
In addition to operating Play for Fun, Learn for Life programs, the PSNI activities in the USA include the development of the program curriculum content and materials and the program’s operational framework. In 2013 a major curriculum update was completed with the help of our partner, the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence/Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation (SMSMF) in California. The LA84 Foundation hosted a Forum in May 2013, organized by PSNI and SMSMF, which brought together distinguished and diverse professionals to suggest topics that should be included in coaching education. The professional advice provided by these experts has been incorporated to improve the curriculum that in 2014 is now being implemented in the USA, as well as internationally in the PSNI Network organizations in Africa.

An important part of the PSNI work in the USA is to continue to work with members of this group and others to further the adoption of the sport for development model and the sport of soccer in the USA, and particularly to focus on health, broadly defined--the focus that is promoted through the coaching education and recreational program that Play for Fun, Learn for Life provides.

Click here to access a PSNI January 2014 Platform Paper on this health focus and the Play for Fun, Learn for Life program.
Click here to download the MS Word version of the platform, core curriculum, and actifities manual overview.
Click here to access a Report that summarizes the information presented by professionals at the May 2013 LA Forum.

PLAY for Fun, Learn for Life Trenton
PSNI announced the opening of Play for Fun, Learn for Life Trenton for the fall of 2014. The program will unite PSNI in a dynamic collaboration to build soccer, health and community with four highly regarded and well established organizations in the city: the Trenton YMCA, the Trenton Catholic Youth Organization, Urban Promise Trenton and Living Hope Empowerment Center. These organizations will provide their facilities to PSNI without charge at different locations throughout the city. Trenton’s socio-economic and health indicators represent a challenge that PSNI hopes to help address with development through sport. It is a city in crisis with a poverty index in excess of 50% and associated, extremely challenging socio-economic indicators of health, crime, education, unemployment and social tensions within its diverse ethnic and immigrant population. The City is home to more than 11,000 school age children, 72% who qualified for free/reduced meals in the school lunch program in recent years. PSNI aims to actively lead a sport for development initiative with the City , its four partners and other various organizations s in the community. Play for Fun, Learn for Life will start as a small pilot program, with plans to expand within the year as the program becomes established. PSNI has added a Deputy Director, Courtney Brettle, with specific responsibilities for the Trenton program development (see the announcement in the August 2014 Newsletter).

Adding to this new program initiative is a partnership that PSNI has developed with Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Center for Health and Wellbeing and Rabin Martin, a global health strategy firm. Together with PSNI, these partners will support PSNI to build an assessment framework, contributing human resources through student involvement and ad hoc guidance to design relevant impact and evaluation tools to guide the program through a meaningful assessment of its intervention benefits for children, youth and community. This partnership will focus on Trenton and possibly other international program locations.

The Play for Fun, Learn for Life program runs in collaboration with Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA). Activities will reopen in January 2015 with plans for expanded participation and community outreach. PSNI expects to partially source its volunteer instructors through a collaborative arrangement with the Coaching Corps, a student volunteer group in the greater Los Angeles area that has expressed interest to work with PSNI. PSNI will provide training for the HOLA program, Coaching Corps and other volunteer instructors prior to the January activities.

PLAY SOCCER Appalachia (PSA)
PSA aims to reopen activities in January 2015. PSNI is working to build a better foundation for program continuity and to expand its community health impact. The program is seeking a new base in the Appalachia communities to replace its prior arrangements with the NGO, Kids on Campus. The challenges in Appalachia are transportation and logistics, as well as field facilities, all of which have been difficult to address in this largely rural environment which is impacted by heavy winter weather disruptions. In addition, soccer is unknown in many communities and competes with scheduling of other established sports. PSNI is delighted this year to have Sana Mahmud, an Ohio graduate student and Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan, who has important international development experience and strong soccer skills and experience (former captain of the Pakistan women’s team) to help with the PSA program development. PSNI also continues to receive advisory support from other Ohio University colleagues in the Coaching Education Department.

News July 2017

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