How the body works and how to best care for it with good nutrition, sanitation, clean water, hygiene, and disease prevention.


How self-esteem, teamwork, respect, conflict resolution, and cultural awareness lead to change for us and our communities.


How the rules, techniques and sportsmanship of the world’s most popular game empower us to work as a team and master the skills for a successful life.

What makes PLAY SOCCER unique?

  • A YEAR-ROUND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM - PLAY SOCCER's holistic program goes beyond the game, weaving physical, health and social skills into a fun, activity-based curriculum.
  • YOUNG CHILDREN - PLAY SOCCER begins with young children ages 5-15 - girls and boys – to give them the earliest possible access to skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives.
  • VOLUNTEER YOUTH INSTRUCTORS – PLAY SOCCER recruits and trains vulnerable youth to teach our program, helping build their skills and community leadership for the future.
  • A NETWORK OF COUNTRIES - PLAY SOCCER’s network of independently-run country organizations uses our common, replicable program to encourage community-led change.

News February 2017

  • The Report on the 2016 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth has been posted here.

News June 2016

  • The 2016 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth are now open for registration. Click here to see the Invitation. Click here to download the Instructions.

News January 2016

  • The Report on the 2015 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth has been posted here.

News November 2015